Russia threatened a devastating response if Ukraine attacked the Crimea bridge
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Russia threatened a devastating response if Ukraine attacked the Crimea bridge

(Dan Tri) – The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman warned that any aggressive action against Crimea would fail and would be met with a heavy response.

Crimea Bridge (Photo: Sputnik).

`I want to once again warn Washington, London, Brussels that any aggressive action against Crimea will not only certainly fail, but will also lead to a devastating response,` the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

In recent days, Ukrainian forces `used a number of US-made long-range ATACMS missiles that were secretly delivered a month ago against Crimea,` Ms. Zakharova said.

`According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, all missiles launched were destroyed… Kiev is also expected to receive the first F-16 aircraft, which, according to British plans, can also be used in combat

`Not a single cruel act of the Kiev government has gone unnoticed. Those involved are being identified and brought to justice,` the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman emphasized.

Ms. Zakharova said Kiev is openly preparing for another attack on the Crimean bridge with support from the West.

Ms. Zakharova’s statement came after Ukraine’s special envoy to the United Nations, Mr. Sergey Kislitsa, issued a veiled threat to the Crimea bridge, implying that the structure would no longer exist by the end of the year.

Previously, senior Ukrainian officials also repeatedly stated that destroying the bridge across the Kerch Strait was Kiev’s top priority, affirming that this was a legitimate military target.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last month told German media that destroying the Crimea bridge was something `we really want`.

The Crimea Bridge was built between 2016 and 2018 and is the only road and rail route connecting the Crimean peninsula to mainland Russia.

Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian conflict in 2022, many officials and commanders in Ukraine have threatened to destroy the 19km bridge connecting the Crimean peninsula and the Krasnodar region.

Russia accused Ukrainian special forces of carrying out two major bombings on the Crimean bridge since Moscow launched its military campaign in 2022.

The Crimean peninsula, where the Russian Black Sea Fleet is headquartered, has recently been repeatedly targeted by attacks by missiles, drones and unmanned boats.

Some countries that support Ukraine also agree with Kiev about conducting attacks on Russian infrastructure.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron announced on May 3 that Britain will give Ukraine 3 billion pounds each year as long as possible and does not object to Kiev using weapons donated by London to target Russia.

The British diplomat revealed that the aid package will include precision guided bombs, anti-aircraft missiles and equipment for 100 mobile air defense units to help Ukraine shoot down Russian drones and missiles.

Responding to Mr. Cameron’s statement about Ukraine’s right to attack Russian territory, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman called on the British Foreign Secretary to remember that Moscow is a nuclear-armed country.

`The only question is how furious they must be that the leader of a supposedly civilized country makes such a statement. Furthermore, how much amnesia are they if they don’t remember

The Russian diplomat said that Russian agencies responsible for protecting the country will certainly retaliate if there are any attacks aimed inside Russian territory.

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