Old Trafford field leaked, `water flowed like a waterfall` in the stands
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Old Trafford field leaked, `water flowed like a waterfall` in the stands

(Dan Tri) – Man Utd fans not only felt uncomfortable when the home team lost 0-1 to Arsenal, but they also felt upset about the flooding, `water flowing like a waterfall` in the Old Trafford stands.

In the match between Man Utd and Arsenal last night (May 12), there was heavy rain at Old Trafford.

A large amount of water fell from the stadium roof like a waterfall. In the stands, the water flowed straight down onto the field, causing Man Utd fans to sit on the edge of their seats to avoid the water.

Old Trafford field leaked, `water flowed like a stream` in the stands

In fact, the leaky roof of Old Trafford is not a new problem, it appeared 10 years ago.

Jason McKay, a season ticket fan from Salford, filmed a video of rainwater pouring into the Stretford End.

`The decline is once again evident. For 18 years the stadium has been completely neglected, the owners should be ashamed of all the money they have siphoned from our club. All of them

It is a problem that the club’s new minority owner, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, has himself acknowledged, setting out ambitious plans to repair or completely rebuild Old Trafford.

Rainwater falls straight from the roof onto the Old Trafford stands (Photo: The Sun).

In April 2022, Man Utd hired Populous Stadium master planning unit, the architects behind Tottenham’s new stadium, to come up with a proposal to expand Old Trafford.

Manchester Evening News reported last February that Man Utd could build a new stadium, which would help the team not have to relocate during construction.

Some have suggested that Man Utd’s new stadium could be built on land behind the Stretford End, while Old Trafford is still in use, and that would bring a higher return on investment for the owners.

Old Trafford field leaked, `water flowed like a waterfall` in the stands

The leaking roof at Old Trafford has been going on for many years

Previously, Man Utd established a special team in charge of renovating Old Trafford and the surrounding land, headed by Lord Sebastian Coe.

This council was established to study whether building a new stadium or renovating Old Trafford would be the most feasible option.

Man Utd refused to comment on the Old Trafford leak.

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