Russia warned of the risk of nuclear war after Mr. Macron’s statement
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Russia warned of the risk of nuclear war after Mr. Macron’s statement

(Dan Tri) – Russian officials warned of the risk of nuclear war after the French President’s announcement about the possibility of sending NATO troops to Ukraine.

Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin (Photo: Tass).

On February 26, after a meeting of more than 20 Western leaders, French President Emmanuel Macron said that the parties participating in the meeting discussed the plan to send troops into Ukraine.

In an interview with Soloviov Live TV channel on March 5, when asked by the host whether such statements by the French President were pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war, Christian Director

Mr. Naryshkin said French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements about the deployment of NATO troops in Ukraine showed the `irresponsibility` of European leaders.

`That demonstrates the high political responsibility of the current leaders of European countries, in this case the French president,` Mr. Naryshkin added.

`It’s sad to see this, it’s sad to understand that current European and North Atlantic leaders lack the ability to negotiate and often demonstrate a lack of common understanding. That’s why statements like this

In his State of the Union address to parliament on February 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the scenario of Western troops sending troops into Ukraine could spark a nuclear war.

Mr. Putin added that Russia possesses weapons that can target any target on Western territory.

After President Macron’s statement, NATO allies quickly stated their position that they had no intention of sending troops to Ukraine and did not support direct involvement in the conflict.

French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne affirmed that France `has never crossed the line in the conflict in Ukraine and will not cross it`.

Foreign Minister Sejourne also clarified President Macron’s statement that the presence of Western troops in Ukraine may be necessary to provide certain types of aid, including mine clearance and military training.

For his part, Mr. Macron said that his statement was not spontaneous, but was carefully calculated.

However, he still emphasized that European allies need to increase their support for Ukraine and `should not show cowardice`.

It is unclear the extent of France’s participation in the implementation of this plan, but Mr. Macron said that authorities are┬ádiscussing and he supports using European funds to buy ammunition for Kiev.

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