Russia responded to China’s proposal for nuclear weapons
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Russia responded to China’s proposal for nuclear weapons

(Dan Tri) – Russia believes that proposals related to international security should be considered in the context of global realities.

Test launch of Russia’s RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile in April 2022 (Photo: Sputnik).

Last month, the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s arms control department, Sun Xiaobo, called on nuclear states to exercise `special and priority responsibility` for disarmament under the Conference on Disarmament.

Chinese officials believe that countries with nuclear weapons should negotiate and sign a treaty on the non-first use of nuclear weapons against each other or make a political statement on this issue.

After China’s call, Russia said that proposals related to international security should be considered in the context of global realities.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry told business daily RBK that Moscow and Beijing treat each other’s initiatives with special attention and deep respect, adding that both countries are determined to develop

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, China’s proposal needs to be considered based on the actual military and political situation, along with other factors related to international security and strategic stability.

Moscow said minimizing confrontation between nuclear-armed states by eliminating `fundamental contradictions in the security sector` was a matter of `absolute priority`.

Russia and the United States, the world’s two largest nuclear powers, suspended communication in the field of nuclear arms control after Moscow launched a military campaign in Ukraine.

Earlier this year, Moscow rejected Washington’s proposal to resume dialogue, saying this was impossible while the White House continued to provide military support to Kiev.

In November last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill revoking Russia’s decision to ratify a global ban on nuclear testing in response to the United States.

CNN quoted senior US officials on March 9 saying that US President Joe Biden’s administration is particularly concerned that Russia could use tactical or battlefield nuclear weapons.

The US government made such an assessment based on many different signs and sensitive intelligence data analysis.

Washington wants to come up with the best response plan if Russia actually uses nuclear weapons in the conflict in Ukraine.

According to US assessments, one of the events that could cause Russia to use nuclear weapons is Ukraine regaining control of the city of Kherson, an area that Russia announced to annex after a controversial referendum.

At that time, Russia accused Ukraine of using a `dirty bomb`, an accusation that Washington said Moscow made up as a pretext for a nuclear attack.

The United States also works closely with allies to develop contingency plans for a Russian nuclear attack and to send deterrent messages to Russia about the consequences of such an attack.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov rejected accusations that Russia considered using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, asserting that this was just typical Western media speculation.

Russia has repeatedly stated its nuclear doctrine.

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