Russia launched a missile, hitting Ukraine’s headquarters in Odessa
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Russia launched a missile, hitting Ukraine’s headquarters in Odessa

(Dan Tri) – The Russian military carried out a missile attack against the headquarters of the Ukrainian armed forces in central Odessa amid the escalating conflict.

Firefighters put out a fire at a supermarket after a Russian raid on Odessa in August 2023 (Photo: Reuters).

`Resistance forces in Odessa reported hearing three explosions, the second very powerful, in the Kulikovo Pole area, where the headquarters of Ukraine’s Pivden (Southern) Operational Command is located,` the coordinator

Sources said many ambulances have moved to the area.

On April 30, the Russian army attacked the port area of the city of Chernomorsk in the Odessa region.

Ukraine’s air force spokeswoman Ilia Yevlash said Russia has now chosen the city of Odessa as the main target for its attacks.

According to information revealed by Ukrainian media, the next main direction of the Russian army’s attack is not Kherson, but Odessa.

The Russian army’s offensive against Odessa appears to be divided into three steps.

First, the air force conducted large-scale bombing, completely destroying or weakening most military targets and commands of the Ukrainian army.

Russia launched a missile, hitting Ukraine's headquarters in Odessa

Location of Odessa city on the map of Ukraine (Photo: BBC).

The city of Odessa is Ukraine’s most important port.

With its strategic geographical location, Odessa often becomes the target of fire raids from the Russian military.

Ukraine accuses Russia of repeated attacks on Odessa as part of Moscow’s efforts to destroy Ukraine’s food exports.

Ukrainian officials said that Russian forces often launch Kalibr missiles and deploy ships in the Black Sea at midnight.

Russia launched a series of retaliatory attacks against Odessa and areas in southern Ukraine after announcing its withdrawal from the Black Sea grain deal and accusing Ukraine of being behind the explosion on the Crimea bridge.

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