Debris reveals special parts on Russia’s suicide UAV that attacked Ukraine
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Debris reveals special parts on Russia’s suicide UAV that attacked Ukraine

(Dan Tri) – Observers point out Russia’s improvements to the line of suicide UAVs attacking Ukrainian targets.

Positioning equipment found on UAV Shahed (Photo: Defense Express).

Ukrainian military website Defense Express published photos of debris from the Geran UAV (Ukraine suspects it was Shahed imported from Iran by Russia).

This UAV was shot down by Ukrainian air defense.

DGPS is a technology that improves the positioning accuracy of satellite navigation devices.

Debris reveals special parts on Russia's suicide UAV that attacked Ukraine

The camera on Shahed helps the UAV observe targets more effectively, even turning it into a reconnaissance device (Photo: Defense Express).

In addition, according to Drive, the combination of a camera installed on the drone and the ability to use a wireless network will turn the Shahed into a long-range, relatively durable, capable visual reconnaissance vehicle.

At the most basic level, Shahed is equipped with cameras that can fly to areas with mobile networks and send real-time reconnaissance videos back to Russian forces.

Unlike many other surveillance drones operated by Russia on the battlefield, Shahed can also do this behind the lines, taking advantage of the long range of the suicide UAV family.

However, attaching 4G devices to UAVs also has limitations.

However, the fact that Russia can flexibly control the Shahed-136 deep into enemy territory via mobile data connection will significantly change the way these drones are used.

Shahed can provide real-time targeting capabilities, which will be leveraged when using some of the new weapons Russia is bringing to the battlefield.

Russia has recently used Iskander-M short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs) to attack mobile behind Ukrainian lines such as HIMARS and Patriot.

The Shahed’s long-term operational capabilities would allow it to hover over Ukraine’s rear areas, or even deep into Kiev-controlled territory, sending back images to Iskander SRBM units and vehicles.

In addition, the camera-mounted Shahed also has the ability to carry its own warhead and can quickly dive down to attack the target when necessary.

Recently, Ukraine said that Russia has continuously upgraded suicide UAVs to `circumvent` Kiev’s air defense systems, as well as causing greater destruction to enemy targets.

Shahed-136 is designed to self-destruct upon impact and has a low flight range, capable of avoiding radar.

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