Actors with `smooth faces` in Vietnamese primetime movies VTV: What do the directors say?
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Actors with `smooth faces` in Vietnamese primetime movies VTV: What do the directors say?

(Dan Tri) – Directors of VFC (Vietnam Film and Television Center) shared with Dan Tri reporters about the lack of new faces in prime-time Vietnamese dramas on VTV.

In recent years, Vietnamese primetime movies on VTV have been developing strongly.

However, in contrast to this boom is the scarcity of actors and lack of new faces.

Familiar actors’ faces appear in the movie `Us 8 years later` (Photo: VFC).

Many viewers expressed that they were fed up with turning on the TV and seeing familiar faces. If the movies don’t air at the same time, it’s like `the previous movie appears, the next movie also appears`.

Many people believe that in each project, directors seem to only choose their `favorites`, their `favorite` actors.

For example, in the films of director and Meritorious Artist Vu Truong Khoa, from A Lifetime of Resentment to Sunflower Against the Sun and now Heart Rescue Station, the participating actors are still familiar names such as: Hong Diem, Luong

Films directed by Bui Tien Huy always have the appearance of `no longer new` faces such as: Huyen Lizzie, Manh Truong, La Thanh Huyen, Quynh Kool, Dinh Tu, Nhan Phuc Vinh…

Actors with `smooth faces` in Vietnamese primetime movies VTV: What do the directors say?

Hong Diem takes on the female lead role in the movie `Heart Rescue Station` (Photo: VFC).

Talking to Dan Tri reporter, director and Meritorious Artist Vu Truong Khoa said that when making any movie, he holds a casting contest (actor audition).

`Whether the actors are known or have worked with each other, each new project is cast the same. This is fair, there is no favor or any familiar relationship.

Casting is a very meaningful and important step in finding the right actor – someone who is able to fully convey the character’s personality, the content of the script, and is balanced and compatible with other characters.

The director of the movie Heart Rescue Station (showing on VTV3) also emphasized that VFC and he are both proactive and conscious in finding new faces with the desire to have a strong force of actors to develop.

`VFC in general and I or other directors in particular are always looking for and looking forward to sources of actors from the School of Theater and Cinema, Drama Theaters, and even from spontaneous acting clubs in the community.

VFC also always organizes its own actor training courses to be proactive in its actors and will definitely target the younger generation, the younger the better because they will be able to accompany VFC’s films over a period of time.

However, the male director also admitted that this is like `comparing chopsticks to choose a flagpole`, among thousands of actors, you can only choose a few faces, so it is not easy.

He shared that among the many actors approaching films from VFC in particular or other companies in general, both North and South, it is very difficult to find a face that can convince both in terms of ability and ability.

Actors with `smooth faces` in Vietnamese primetime movies VTV: What do the directors say?

Director, Meritorious Artist Vu Truong Khoa (Photo: VFC).

According to director Vu Truong Khoa, this story is not only about VFC or Vietnam but also the whole world.

`The current cast that VFC is exploiting is at a level that they call truly capable and attractive, such as: Viet Anh, Manh Truong, Hong Diem… they all started from supporting roles 10 years ago.

Or Thanh Son, Huyen Lizzie, Dinh Tu, Trong Lan, Quynh Kool… also rose from supporting roles. When they formed and affirmed their abilities, they were given supporting roles and then main roles.

Meritorious Artist Vu Truong Khoa added that when casting for the movie Heart Rescue Station, he selected many actors, including faces who are in charge of important roles in this movie.

Director Vu Truong Khoa also said that finding a new topic with a new cast to exploit is what everyone wants, but no matter what choice they have to face challenges.

`When I choose a new topic, it means accepting the challenge of whether the audience will accept it or not. On the contrary, when choosing an old topic, I will have to face boredom or familiarity to help myself.

I think anyone who makes art is aware of that.

Actors with `smooth faces` in Vietnamese primetime movies VTV: What do the directors say?

Director Bui Tien Huy and actress Huyen Lizzie behind the scenes of the movie `Us 8 years later` (Photo: Provided by the character).

Director Bui Tien Huy said that the general situation in Vietnamese films is the repetition of familiar actors’ faces, because the number of Vietnamese films produced each year is greater than the number of existing actors.

The male director also shared that he always wants to find new faces in his films, both to bring something new to the audience but also to create excitement and emotions for him during the filming process.

`In my recent movies, every movie has new actors. For long-term projects with a duration of 45 minutes and 40 episodes or more, directors often choose experienced actors.

Because filming a long-term project usually takes 6-8 months, some movies even take a whole year.

Huyen Lizzie is one of the familiar actress faces on VTV’s Vietnamese primetime drama.

Many Vietnamese moviegoers also commented that in every movie directed by Bui Tien Huy, `no matter what, Huyen Lizzie and La Thanh Huyen play` and said that the male director’s choice of Huyen Lizzie came from favor and love.

Responding to this reporter’s question, actress Huyen Lizzie said that in real life, she and actor La Thanh Huyen and director Bui Tien Huy are close siblings, but at work, the male director is very clear.

`I played the main role in Mr. Huy’s film in the movie Sunny Heart (2013) and it was not until 2021 that I was invited to play the long-term main role. For me, in real life director Bui Tien Huy is a close brother.

However, in work, it must be someone who truly fits the role and the director feels that the actor exudes the spirit of the character to be chosen, not because of close friendship or any favoritism.`

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