Check out Russia’s latest military advances and efforts to `overtake` the US
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Check out Russia’s latest military advances and efforts to `overtake` the US

July was a notable month for Russian missiles as Moscow announced a number of successful missile tests, promoted fighter jets at the MAKS air show and successfully launched the new space module Nauka.

`On par` with America

After bringing arms manufacturers across Russia and customers around the world together in one event, the annual MAKS air show outside Moscow has revealed a light fighter jet.

Checkmate fighter.

The Checkmate fighter has the potential to become the best-selling fighter in the world in the future.

In addition, the Su-57, a fifth-generation fighter designed by the Russian Air Force, has now entered the mass production phase.

Military aircraft are not the only new manufacturers.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also made a series of announcements behind the scenes of MAKS, including a video of the successful test launch of the Zircon anti-ship supersonic cruise missile.

Exchanges at the above air show show that there will be another test launch in the future.

Although this missile will not become the main strike force of the Russian Navy, it has great potential to ensure the destruction of the enemy’s most important and protected targets, on land and

The second video published at the exhibition was even more attractive when the Russian military, for the first time, released a tape of a live test of the advanced S-500 air defense system.

Check out Russia's latest military advances and efforts to `overtake` the US

S-500 air defense system.

The development and deployment of this system is considered timely as Russia continuously faces new and increasing threats, especially missile attacks, not only from the US and NATO countries.

The same trend is happening with long-range, high-precision weapons.

Efforts to gain superiority in space

Russia’s third notable development was the successful launch of the Nauka scientific module of the space company Roscosmos to the International Space Station (ISS).

However, because Russia needs to continue connecting modules in space, launching Nauka is especially important if Russia decides to build its own space station.

Russia is increasingly positioning itself as an important player that can meet its needs in the fields of transportation, space and national security, as well as create competitive solutions in the market

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