British newspaper: Ukraine attacked the Russian base, destroying 6 military aircraft
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British newspaper: Ukraine attacked the Russian base, destroying 6 military aircraft

(Dan Tri) – British media reported that Ukraine appears to have carried out a large-scale attack on Russia’s Morozovsk base, destroying 6 military aircraft and damaging 8 others.

The image described as an attack on Rostov, Russia was published by Ukrainian media (Photo: Euromaidan Press).

Reuters quoted Ukrainian intelligence sources as saying on April 5 that Ukraine may have attacked Russia’s Morozovsk air base in the Rostov region, destroying six Moscow fighter jets in an operation by security agencies.

Reuters has not been able to verify this claim.

After that, Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Post also quoted a source from the country’s government saying about the attack on Morozovsk: `At least 6 Russian military aircraft were destroyed and 8 others were seriously damaged. In addition to equipment

`This operation is of great importance and will significantly reduce the combat capabilities of Russian forces,` the source added.

Russia has not commented on the above information.

Previously, Russian media quoted an announcement from the country’s Ministry of Defense saying that Moscow’s air defenses shot down dozens of Ukrainian UAVs overnight, most aimed at the Rostov area.

Sources from Ukraine said Morozovsk air base is where Russia deploys tactical bombers such as the Sukhoi Su-24 and Su-34.

According to open source intelligence sources, on April 4, Morozovsk air base had 26 Su-34 fighters and 3 Su-35 aircraft.

Kyiv Post said that Morozovsk, located about 300km from Ukraine, was the first place attacked during the night.

In addition, according to Ukrainian newspapers, Kiev also attacked Engels bases in Saratov, where Russia placed Tu-160 and Tu-95MS heavy long-range strategic bombers, and Yeysk base in Krasnodar Krai.

British newspaper: Ukraine attacked the Russian base, destroying 6 military aircraft

From top to bottom: Location of Engels, Morozovsk and Yeysk bases relative to the *Ukraine border and distance in km (Photo: X).

Since the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out more than 2 years ago, Russian territory has been continuously attacked.

In addition to military bases, recently, Russian oil refineries have also become targets of attacks.

These types of raids show that Ukraine’s long-range attack capabilities and UAV development technology have improved significantly.

Ukraine has significantly stepped up drone attacks on targets in Russia in recent weeks, focusing on oil refineries in an effort to reduce Russia’s oil revenues.

Due to the inability to quickly produce long-range missiles and the difficulty of accessing Western-made missiles, Kiev has focused on developing unmanned long-range vehicles to attack Russia.

One of Kiev’s other goals is to distract Russia and force it to withdraw its forces from the military campaign in Ukraine to strengthen border defense.

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