Selling shoes, perfume, bibles: Mr. Trump’s unusual way to run for office
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Selling shoes, perfume, bibles: Mr. Trump’s unusual way to run for office

(Dan Tri) – Former US President Donald Trump is unlike any candidate in US history when trading in many different products to raise money for his election campaign.

Former US President Donald Trump sold shoes during the election campaign (Photo: AFP).

Sneakers, perfume, bibles… are the things that Mr. Trump is selling in the context of his campaign budget gradually drying up due to legal fees.

`This level of business is unprecedented in other election campaigns, even though this trend has been building for many years,` Professor Lawrence Lessig from Harvard Law School commented on the activities of

Mr. Brendan Fischer, Deputy Executive Director of the Political Finance Supervision Agency, also agreed with the above opinion.

According to Mr. Fischer, other candidates will often not do business during the election due to concerns about financial investigation.

This `uniqueness` was clearly demonstrated by Mr. Trump when announcing the latest promotion on March 26: a bible worth 60 USD and documents about the formation of America,

He even added a warning that `America is under threat` and declared `we will turn the situation around` in the product promotional video above.

It is unclear how much money Mr. Trump made from the bible business, however, the profits will actually flow into this politician’s pocket.

Professor Lessig also noted that `Mr. Trump’s business moves do not appear to violate campaign ethics or financial regulations.`

Mr. Lessig added: `Mr. Trump may integrate strategy or branding into business, but this is just similar to other political speeches.`

Besides the Bible, Mr. Trump also sells sports shoes and perfume.

The $99 perfume product also comes with the label `Victory 47`, meaning the current 2024 presidential election season.

`These business transactions are completely separate from our campaign,` Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said.

In another development, Mr. Trump only has a few days left to pay $175 million in bail for a fine related to a New York court ruling accusing him of falsely declaring his assets.

Previously, the former US President also had to pay $91.6 million in bail to appeal another civil case against writer E. Jean Carroll.

In addition, Mr. Trump faces 91 criminal charges in 4 different courts.

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