Bloomberg: The US is not satisfied because the French President left the door open to send troops to Ukraine
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Bloomberg: The US is not satisfied because the French President left the door open to send troops to Ukraine

(Dan Tri) – US news agency Bloomberg said that this country’s officials were unhappy because French President Emmanuel Macron left open the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine.

French President Emmanuel Macron (Photo: Reuters).

Bloomberg cited sources familiar with the US government as saying that Washington officials were unhappy with Mr. Macron after the French President said that to prevent Russia from winning in Ukraine, NATO may have to use military force.

A senior US official told Bloomberg that Washington seemed worried that Macron’s remarks could spark a┬áconflict with Russia.

At the end of February, Mr. Macron said that NATO members `cannot rule out any possibility,` including the deployment of ground troops to Ukraine.

According to sources, Mr. Macron’s statement seemed to have the goal of pressuring Russian President Vladimir Putin to consider continuing the war in Ukraine.

In addition, some sources said that Mr. Macron’s statement was not really too wise from the perspective of operational security because `a number of Western countries seem to have troops in Ukraine`.

Last week, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said that the presence of Western forces in Ukraine is currently `a secret that everyone knows`.

However, after Mr. Macron’s statement, many NATO countries confirmed that they would not send troops to Ukraine, including the US and Germany.

In addition, according to Bloomberg, many European countries seem to silently support Mr. Macron’s tough stance against Russia.

For example, the Czech Republic recently launched an initiative calling for the purchase of ammunition for Ukraine.

Despite the controversy surrounding the above statement, Mr. Macron still defended his statement, emphasizing that he carefully considered it before speaking.

Earlier this month, when asked whether such statements by the French President were pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war, Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin affirmed: `Yes.`

Mr. Naryshkin said French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements about the deployment of NATO troops in Ukraine showed the `irresponsibility` of European leaders.

`It’s sad to see this, it’s sad to understand that current European and North Atlantic leaders lack the ability to negotiate. That’s why such statements are so dangerous,` Russian official

In his State of the Union address to parliament on February 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the scenario of Western troops sending troops into Ukraine could spark a nuclear war.

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