Le Hoang: `My Tet movie was refused release because the hot scene was too shocking`
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Le Hoang: `My Tet movie was refused release because the hot scene was too shocking`

(Dan Tri) – Director Le Hoang shares his views on making a film on the topic of adultery and how to exploit hot scenes in the work released in theaters during the Lunar New Year.

Tra is a work directed and written by Le Hoang, marking his return after a long absence from the film market.

During an exchange with the media on the afternoon of January 25, director Le Hoang said the film explores the issue of adultery and hidden corners in family life.

Director Le Hoang thinks that Doan Trinh’s petite appearance and beautiful face are suitable for the female lead role in the film (Photo: Bich Phuong).

`Many Vietnamese movies only run for a few minutes and viewers already know the outcome. But not my movie. When the trailer was announced, many people thought the movie would follow the theme of a beautiful young girl dating a rich man.

Of course, the surprise must be reasonable.

According to Le Hoang, he does not romanticize adultery in the film but directly exploits social reality.

He said: `First is money, to put it bluntly. A helpless young girl needs someone to protect her financially and emotionally. The other man was married but saw that the young girl was beautiful and continued.

There’s no way two people can sympathize with each other on a trip or read the same book and fall in love with each other.`

Le Hoang shares about the hot scene in the movie `Tra` (Video: Bich Phuong).

Director Le Hoang said that when he finished editing the film, he showed it to some friends and film distributors.

`The hot scene in the movie is very bold. Because I think it must reveal the character’s purpose, but if you have an affair and drink coffee or hold hands, it’s a bad thing!`, the director said.

The movie Tra went through 3 rounds of censorship, many sensitive scenes were cut before being released in theaters.

`There was a time when I screened it for a distribution crew. After watching it, they didn’t say good or bad, the atmosphere was dead silent. They promised to contact me after watching, but they didn’t call me until 3 weeks later.

Le Hoang: `My Tet movie was refused release because the hot scene was too shocking`

The scene that received a lot of attention in the movie was performed by Truong Minh Quoc Thai (Photo: Screenshot).

In response to comments wondering why he chose young actor Doan Trinh to play the female lead, Le Hoang said he chose the actress not because of her name or ability to sell tickets but because of the role.

`Doan Trinh is a makeup artist who often works behind the scenes of filming sessions with me. I think Trinh has the right appearance and acting potential, so I suggested she go to a casting (audition – PV).

Although Doan Trinh did not go to school for training, when you watch the movie you will see why I chose her to play the female lead.

Sharing at the exchange, Doan Trinh said that the role in Tra is her first role.

In the `bed` scenes, she and senior Truong Minh Quoc Thai discussed carefully before filming.

`When I filmed this movie, my mother did not react to the hot scenes, but she cried because she felt sorry for me during the bullying scenes,` Doan Trinh said.

In response to the question about actor Doan Trinh’s year of birth, Le Hoang did not reveal anything but confirmed that she was 18 years old when filming.

Le Hoang also said that the budget for this film was quite modest and he had no pressure on revenue.

`If Tran Thanh’s Tet movie has an investment of about 50 billion VND, then my movie is only a very small part, far from catching up to that number. The budget is unimaginably small, but I believe the quality of the movie is amazing.

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