Ukraine hunts for Russian `special equipment`.
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Ukraine hunts for Russian `special equipment`.

(Dan Tri) – Russia is said to have lost a record amount of `special equipment`, which are important elements in Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine.

Russian armored vehicles were destroyed on the outskirts of Kiev in the early stages of the conflict (Photo: AFP).

In an operational update on January 31, Ukraine’s military said Russia had lost four more `special equipment`.

In particular, in January alone, 175 Russian special equipment were removed from the war.

The growing losses of Russian special equipment have gone largely unnoticed.

Experts say special equipment includes radar and electronic warfare systems as well as technical equipment such as Russian mine-clearing vehicles.

Former Ukrainian colonel Serhiy Hrabsky told Newsweek: `Ukrainian forces are hunting for such devices.`

Ivan Stupak, a former Ukrainian security agency officer who now advises the country’s parliamentary, security and intelligence committees, said the destruction of this type of asset by Ukrainian warplanes was `very important.`

The hunt for special equipment will help Ukraine guess exactly where on the front line Russia is focusing its resources or hoping to put pressure on Moscow’s defenses.

James Black, assistant director of the RAND research organization’s European Defense and Security research group, said this operation also helps protect Ukrainian assets, such as jets and drones.

The removal of Russia’s electronic warfare systems, radars, logistics and maintenance vehicles will weaken Moscow’s front-line forces attempting to advance in the Kharkov and Lugansk regions.

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, Lieutenant General Kyrylo Budanov, told Ukrainian media on January 30 that Russia is hoping to reach the Zherebets River, near the borders of Kharkov and Lugansk.

The attack on the Kharkiv and Lugansk front lines comes after months of costly clashes around the city of Avdiivka in Donetsk.

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