VTV prime time Vietnamese movies have hot scenes
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VTV prime time Vietnamese movies have hot scenes

(Dan Tri) – Excerpt from the lovemaking scene between Tung (B Tran) and Thu (Cu Thi Tra) in episode 25 `Us 8 years later` made many viewers feel `shocked` by the level of boldness.

Episode 25 of Us 8 years later, broadcast on the evening of January 1, continues with developments revolving around the characters Duong (Huyen Lizzie), Lam (Manh Truong), Tung (B Tran) and `little tam` Anh Thu (Cu

In Us 8 years later, Tung is built as a flirtatious and promiscuous character.

Excerpt from episode 25 of the movie `Us 8 years later` (Video: VTV).

Specifically, when he accidentally met little Cam at the supermarket, Anh Thu started a conversation and seemed to love her very much.

At night, she deliberately went down to Tung’s house pretending to bring something for Cam and pretended not to know that both Nguyet and Cam were away and then seduced Tung to spend the night with her.

Tung could not resist Anh Thu’s charm, the two rushed into each other, exchanged a passionate kiss and had a night of love right in Tung’s house.

In a scene that has not been aired yet, B Tran and Cu Thi Tra also have a passionate kiss scene in the kitchen.

Nguyet could only feel resentment and hatred, saying through tears that she needed time to think and turned around and left despite Tung and her mother-in-law’s efforts to hold on.

The quick bed scene of B Tran and Cu Thi Tra in the movie `Us 8 years later` attracted the attention of the audience (Photo: VTV).

Previous scenes showed the couple Tung – Nguyet encountering Anh Thu in the apartment lobby.

Sharing with Dan Tri reporter about the daring hot scene with his 1999-born co-star in the movie, B Tran said that it was the first time he and Cu Thi Tra acted together.

`We discussed and practiced in advance to try to complete our scenes as best as possible. The love scenes between the characters Tung and Anh Thu were only filmed in two takes,` B Tran said.

Sharing about his role in Us 8 years later, B Tran said that Tung’s nature is still a man who values ​​his family and loves his wife and children.

On his personal page, B Tran once implicitly shared about the next journey of the couple Nguyet – Tung: `Let’s enjoy the storms coming to the Tung – Nguyet family in the near future, everyone.

Sharing on VTV recently, B Tran revealed that playing the role of Tung was a difficult return for him because he had not acted in a movie for a long time: `This is the first TV series I’ve participated in showing love and affection.`

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