ISW: Russia is trying to build a powerful strategic reserve force
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ISW: Russia is trying to build a powerful strategic reserve force

(Dan Tri) – The Russian army appears to be building up a reserve force capable of conducting large-scale mechanized attacks on Ukraine’s defenses.

A large Russian military convoy is heading to the Ukrainian front (Photo: Reuters).

Russia strives to build a powerful reserve force

The US-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said that Russia’s extremely strong reserve forces can achieve significant operational successes if they are fully equipped and well-trained.

`Theoretically, Russia’s powerful reserve army could be capable of serving as a primary, assault force or a secondary combat force capable of conducting military operations,` the ISW report said.

Analysts note that it is still unclear exactly what `strategic reserves` Russia is forming.

However, the ISW report said that Russia’s human and material limitations suggest that Moscow will probably not use these strategic reserve forces to fight in Ukraine, instead they will use

`The creation of additional reserves would likely allow the Russian military to compensate for battlefield losses without a significant operational pause between current offensive operations and the expected Russian offensive

General Syrsky: Kiev tries to stabilize the situation in the east

Commander-in-Chief Aleksandr Syrsky said on March 21 that Kiev forces had tried to `stabilize the situation` in the east of the country.

Last week, the head of the Ukrainian army announced that, after capturing Avdiivka on February 17 and several other settlements soon after, Russian forces are focusing their main efforts on creating a breakthrough.

ISW: Russia is trying to build a powerful strategic reserve force

President Zelensky visited the front line and received a report on the combat situation from Ukrainian Army Commander Syrsky (now Commander-in-Chief) on November 30, 2023 (Photo: Reuters).

In a phone call with General Thierry Burkhard, Chief of the General Staff of the French Army, General Syrsky said he informed about the current situation on the battlefield and thanked Paris for its support.

The commander-in-chief wrote on Telegram: `I also express my gratitude for the support in training Ukrainian soldiers in France.`

According to the French Ministry of Defense, Paris has pledged more than 3.8 billion euros ($4.1 billion) in security assistance to KievĀ from February 2022 to December 2023, including 2.6 billion euros (2,

France is one of the few countries supplying Kiev with long-range weapons such as SCALP cruise missiles, and French President Emmanuel Macron has not ruled out sending troops to Ukraine.

President Volodymyr Zelensky told French television station BFMTV on March 11 that the situation on the front line was `better than in the past few months`.

According to the Ukrainian army, the front line near another hot spot, the village of Robotine in Zaporizhia province, is constantly changing, but the situation is not serious as of March 20, although Russian troops have attacked this area

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