The ending of the movie `Us 8 years later` was criticized as `sloppy`, what did the crew say?
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The ending of the movie `Us 8 years later` was criticized as `sloppy`, what did the crew say?

(Dan Tri) – The journey `Us 8 years later` ended in episode 51 with a perfect ending for the main couple but also left mixed opinions from the audience.

On the evening of March 6, the movie Us 8 years later aired episode 51, which was also the last episode, ending the 4-month broadcast journey.

The final episode of Us 8 years later accelerated the progress by letting Nguyet (Quynh Kool) and Giang (Khoi Tran) progress in their relationship.

The scene encountered many disapproving reactions from the audience (Photo: VTV).

Giang also proactively changed his way of addressing Nguyet to brother-sister.

As for Tung (B Tran), he admitted that after the storm, he `opened his eyes` and accepted `the karma I caused, I have to bear`.

The film ends with the main characters including: Lam – Duong couple, Mr. Quang (People’s Artist Trung Anh), Tung, Nguyet, Giang, baby Cam and Lan Nhi taking a commemorative photo together.

Next was Lam’s romantic proposal to Duong.

The final episode broadcast attracted a lot of mixed comments from the audience.

`I was looking forward to a beautiful ending for both couples Duong – Lam and Giang – Nguyet`;

However, besides sharing their sympathy, there were also many viewers who reacted unsatisfied with the ending.

The ending of the movie `Us 8 years later` was criticized as `sloppy`, what did the crew say?

A perfect ending for the couple Duong – Lam (Photo: VTV).

Some comments from the audience include: `The ending of the movie is really bad. The two main characters take too much time in the movie, their love is too cheesy, their feelings are forced. Cam `ignores` his father. It’s too silly.`

Some viewers also said that the film extended the plot to increase the number of episodes, but at the end of the story, the story of Nhu Y (Thuy Anh) and the doctor (Duc Hieu) was not clear and the third child Anh Thu still did not have to pay the price.

Sharing with Dan Tri reporter, actress Quynh Kool, who plays Nguyet in the film, said that each audience will have different views, desires and their own choices about the ending of the film.

`In my opinion, when a work is aired, it leaves mixed opinions from the audience, proving that the film is interested, attentive, and also has a certain attraction. The ending of the film We are 8 years later

As for the character Nguyet, she needs some time to heal the wounds in love and marriage.

Actress Huyen Lizzie expressed that she was extremely satisfied with the ending of the film because after so much sadness, suffering, and uncertainty, her Duong was finally happy and returned to being a girl who knows how to look at life.

Dan Tri reporter contacted director Bui Tien Huy and screenwriter Trinh Khanh Ha to clarify the ending of the film, which is receiving mixed opinions from the audience, but both refused to share.

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