India launches first AI teacher in schools
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India launches first AI teacher in schools

(Dan Tri) – A school in southern India has introduced `IRIS`, the first humanoid robot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) capable of performing complex tasks.

`IRIS`, India’s first AI robot teacher, interacts with students in a classroom in Kerala state (Photo: Instagram/Makerlabs).

Maker Labs, the Indian robotics company behind IRIS, describes the robot as a `multi-purpose teaching tool with interactive capabilities`.

According to the manufacturer, the robot is equipped with an Intel processor and coprocessor to perform flexible operations, and users can control and interact with the robot using the Android application interface.

The developer says IRIS is equipped with an AI-based voice assistant to provide `explanations` and deliver `educational content`.

Earlier this week, an IRIS robot was introduced at KTCT High School in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala state, which has the highest literacy rate (94%) among all Indian states.

The Indian government is looking to harness the power of AI in sectors including healthcare, agriculture and education.

Meanwhile, the government is also developing the AI language model `Bhashini` to break down barriers between hundreds of languages used in India.

Last week, the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that Big Tech companies will now need permission from the Indian government to release AI models that have not been thoroughly tested or are not trustworthy.

The Indian government claims to be taking strict measures against `false information`, including `deepfake` technology (a technique that uses artificial intelligence to create images, audio and video).

India is set to promulgate a new regulatory framework for AI later this year.

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