Harry Potter publisher will leave 1.2 billion USD to his lover
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Harry Potter publisher will leave 1.2 billion USD to his lover

(Dan Tri) – M. Richard Robinson Jr, owner of Scholastic publishing house, has left the entire company to his lover instead of his two sons or his ex-wife.

Mr. M. Richard Robinson Jr, owner of publisher Scholastic Corp, and `lover` Iole Lucchese (Photo: Dailymail).

According to the Wall Street Times, Mr. M. Richard Robinson Jr, 84 years old, passed away on June 5.

Specifically, Ms. Lucchese inherited all 53.8% of Mr. Robinson’s executive shares in the company along with more than 2 million common shares.

In addition, Ms. Lucchese also inherited all of Mr. Robinson’s personal assets, something that makes Mr. Robinson’s family members unhappy and are considering asking for legal intervention.

Family members and former colleagues said that Mr. Robinson and Ms. Luccesse (54 years old) had an affair for a long time but broke up a few years ago.

In his will written in 2018, Mr. Robinson said that Ms. Lucchese, who had been with the company for more than 30 years, was `my partner and my closest friend`.

Reece Robinson, 25, one of Mr. Robinson’s two sons, said his father’s passing left all family members extremely shocked and saddened.

Mr. Robinson and Ms. Benham met in 1974 when Ms. Benham started working at Scholastic, but it was not until the 1980s that the two began dating.

As for Mr. Robinson’s siblings, they say their first goal is to continue Scholastic’s mission and maintain its reputation.

Meanwhile, Ms. Lucchese started working at Scholastic in 1991 and became chief strategy officer in 2014. Two years later, she became president of Scholastic Canada and in 2018 was concurrently held the position of President of Scholastic.

Scholastic Corporation has not yet commented.

Scholastic Corporation was founded in 1920 by Maurice R. Robinson in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA).

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