Ukrainian UAVs destroyed a Russian-controlled oil rig in the Black Sea
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Ukrainian UAVs destroyed a Russian-controlled oil rig in the Black Sea

(Dan Tri) – Ukraine said that a special task force of the country carried out an attack using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), destroying an oil rig that Russia controlled in the Black Sea.

The image provided by SOF is said to be the moment the Russian-controlled oil rig in the Black Sea caught fire (Photo: SOF).

In an announcement on Teleram on February 6, the Ukrainian Special Forces (SOF) said that this operation was named Citadel and was carried out at night.

According to SOF, the equipment on the rig was originally used by Russia for UAV raids targeting Ukraine’s important infrastructure and to control the northwestern Black Sea region.

Specifically, these devices help Moscow increase the range of UAVs.

`Members of SOF’s 73rd Naval Center conducted a very complex and effective operation in the Black Sea near the Crimean coast, responding quickly in the area of ​​potential enemy (Russian) attack.`

As a result, Ukraine seized important Russian equipment and destroyed the rig.

A video posted with the announcement showed Ukrainian troops raiding the rig at dawn, seizing equipment and leaving, with the rig exploding shortly afterward.

Russia has not yet commented on the above information.

UAVs play an increasingly important role in the combat operations of both Russia and Ukraine during the conflict that has lasted for the past two years.

Russia’s Kommersant newspaper reported on February 6 that Russia’s oil refining capacity decreased by 4% in January, partly due to UAV raids.

According to Bloomberg, previously, this refinery processed more than 180,000 barrels of crude oil per day in the first 17 days of January, equivalent to more than 3% of Russia’s total crude oil processing volume.

Current attacks are still relatively small in scale, using a small number of UAVs but have caused significant damage.

Ukraine has so far not denied or confirmed its role in attacks inside Russia.

`Damage to railways, oil depots, gas depots, other infrastructure of importance to the Russian military. These oil depots are used to refuel and store gasoline for the Russian military.

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