Paul Scholes: `I don’t think Man Utd played that bad`
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Paul Scholes: `I don’t think Man Utd played that bad`

(Dan Tri) – Former Man Utd stars Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand both expressed disappointment with the performance of coach Erik Ten Hag and his team after a 2-3 loss to Galatasaray in the Champions League group stage.

`Really disappointed. I really didn’t think they played that bad,` former Man Utd midfielder Paul Scholes criticized coach Ten Hag’s team for the second consecutive defeat in Group A of the Champions League.

Notably, this was the match in which striker Rasmus Hojlund scored twice and helped Man Utd always lead, but mistakes in defense caused the `Red Devils` to let Galatasaray come back to win.

This is the second consecutive defeat for coach Ten Hag and his team and puts Man Utd at the bottom of Group A after 2 rounds, 6 points behind top team Bayern Munich.

Poor defense caused Man Utd to lose 2-3 against Galatasaray (Photo: Getty).

`Before this match, there was a lot of criticism about Man Utd’s ability to score goals. Therefore, they ignored the defensive front and they had to pay the price for this.

Their defense is too fragile, Raphael Varane and Lindelof are too weak for goalkeeper Osana to defend,` Paul Scholes criticized Man Utd’s poor defense on TNT Sports.

`I’m a bit worried about Varane, he’s considered one of the best defenders today, just like when he was at Real Madrid. But right now his legs look sluggish, he can’t keep

Sharing the same opinion as Paul Scholes, former Man Utd defender Rio Ferdinand said that coach Ten Hag’s team lost 2-3 to Galatasaray due to a big error in defense.

`Tonight I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster. Just a minute ago I was sitting there saying ‘we look like a team with a lot of potential, there’s something positive’. But then

`The defense played like a dream. They were easily penetrated like a knife through a soft avocado, which was a shame.

Paul Scholes: `I don't think Man Utd played that bad`

Bruno Fernandes was disappointed when he saw Man Utd concede easily and lose the match (Photo: EPA).

This is the Champions League, not a school tournament or anything.

Sharing after the loss, midfielder Eriksen also said disappointedly: `I think we had some good moments in the match, but when we were in the lead, we always seemed to concede a goal right after.

We lost not due to overconfidence, but rather a lack of awareness and acumen in protecting the result after taking the lead twice.

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