Details that make Korea’s hottest drama criticized
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Details that make Korea’s hottest drama criticized

(Dan Tri) – With only 2 more episodes left, the Korean drama `Marry My Husband` will end.

Let’s Get Married officially aired last January and quickly created a strong effect around the world.

During the most difficult period, she caught her husband Park Min Hwan (played by Lee Yi Kyung) and best friend Jung Soo Min (played by Song Ha Yoon) having an affair and planning to kill her.

`Go Marry My Husband` is a viral Korean drama (Photo: tvN).

Thanks to a miracle, Ji Won was reincarnated 10 years ago.

Right from the time it aired, the film recorded good results with ratings of 5.2% and 5.9% for the first 2 episodes.

Besides, the film’s cast including Park Min Young, Na In Woo, and Song Ha Yoon continuously appear on the list of the `hottest` actors on the Korean small screen.

Before officially being adapted into a movie, Let’s Marry My Husband was a famous web novel on Naver (Korean online platform) with more than 40 million downloads and translated into English.

Details that make Korea's hottest drama criticized

A scene from `Go Marry My Husband` (Photo: tvN).

In it, female lead Park Min Young was praised for `tearing out the book` when playing the role of Ji Won.

On screen, in climax scenes where emotions need to be strongly expressed or when she is worried or angry, Park Min Young convinces the audience.

The two supporting roles played by Lee Yi Kyung and Song Ha Yoon also received compliments from TV audiences.

However, towards the end, the film has many changes compared to the original.

Many Korean audiences voiced their disappointment with the overly creative script, ruining the original work.

Details that make Korea's hottest drama criticized

The villain Yu Ra played by BoA in `Go Marry My Husband` received `criticism` from Korean audiences (Photo: tvN).

Originally, the character Yu Ra was not present in the original novel and the details related to this character are all the creativity of the screenwriter.

Many comments said that Yu Ra is a redundant character, culminating in the scene where she shakes hands with two villains Soo Min and Min Hwan, planning to kill Ji Won (played by Park Min Young), after

Deviations from the original story direction affect the appeal of previously praised characters.

Trailer introducing the movie `Marry My Husband` by Park Min Young (Video: Prime).

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