Actress Quynh Kool: `I don’t like to marry in the same profession`
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Actress Quynh Kool: `I don’t like to marry in the same profession`

(Dan Tri) – After nearly 10 years of participating in the arts, from `Hot girl Kem sticky rice`, Quynh Kool has `transformed` into a TV series female lead with a more professional acting style.

Quynh Kool’s real name is Nguyen Thi Quynh, born in 1995 in Thai Binh.

Quynh Kool officially debuted in the 2014 music video Someone’s Wife by Phan Manh Quynh.

During this time, Quynh Kool appeared quite a lot on social networks and received titles such as: `Hot girl Kem sticky rice`, `Hot girl Someone else’s wife`…

After that, she participated in television series such as: Quynh Doll, Don’t Make Me Forget, Balanha Inn, Sunflower Against the Sun, Say Love, Happy Garage, Don’t Make Mom Angry… recently

Quynh Kool won the 2023 Golden Kite Award for the category `Best Actress in a TV Series` (Photo: Character Facebook).

In the movie Don’t Make Mom Angry, Quynh Kool plays the role of Hanh – a young girl with a difficult life, having to shoulder great responsibility on her small shoulders. Quynh Kool performed well the scenes of inner turmoil.

This role earned her the Best Actress award at the 2023 Golden Kite Awards. The award recognizes a journey of more than 10 years of persistent effort, rising from lackluster roles, surpassing

Sharing with Dan Tri reporter, Quynh Kool said she feels more mature in each role.

`I also want to play a villain from the beginning to the end of the film. Because I am professionally trained, I am not afraid of difficult roles. For any role, the actor needs to cultivate enough knowledge to create the character’s personality.

I am someone who has experienced many things in life, but that is only part of it.

Actress Quynh Kool: `I don't like to marry in the same profession`

Quynh Kool feels more mature through each role (Photo: Toan Vu).

The actress said that in nearly 10 years of filming, she has experienced many emotions, received compliments, but also had many viewers `stoned` her, criticizing her weak acting, but precisely because of her straightforward words.

She added: `I’m inherently an introverted and closed person, never expressing my emotions outside. I feel grateful when I receive compliments, but if someone criticizes me, I don’t.`

Actress Quynh Kool: `I don't like to marry in the same profession`

The 9X actress confided that she did not want to marry a man with the same profession (Photo: Toan Vu).

Talking about the fact that actresses are often accused of falling in love with colleagues after each movie, Quynh Kool said she is not affected by rumors.

`When the audience associates the characters in the movie, they love and have feelings for the actors. I am not affected by those rumors, I just keep acting, just do my job well.

Audiences often care about artists’ privacy, but for me, if I have that matter, I will keep it to myself.

The actress said that she also wants to get married before the age of 30, but everything depends on fate. She does not force herself to love someone just to `make progress`.

`I have many opportunities to meet good people, but just being good is not enough, I think it must be compatible with you in many things. A person can adapt to their habits and bad habits, support each other and feel

The actress from Thai Binh shared that, when in love, she believes in her intuition.

She added: `I don’t like to marry a man with the same profession. For me, an artist is enough. I always thought that when I got married, I would stay at home and take care of the family. One year

According to Quynh Kool, she is proud that she is an actress who can live with her profession.

`I am a person who can live independently, but in love, I have two principles: The person does not necessarily have to raise me, but must have enough capacity to raise me,` she affirmed.

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