There is a stir about `Chinese Harvard` students working as housekeepers
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There is a stir about `Chinese Harvard` students working as housekeepers

(Dan Tri) – Controversy broke out throughout the Chinese online community when a student who graduated from the country’s prestigious Tsinghua University went to work as a domestic helper.

A student who graduated from a top university and had to find a job as a housekeeper shocked many people in China (Photo: SCMP).

The resume of a female graduate of the prestigious Tsinghua University, which is compared to `Chinese Harvard`, when registering to work as a maid has caused a stir among netizens in this country.

Thepaper portal reported that the story broke out on May 26 after Your Trust Home Service, a high-end housekeeping service company in Shanghai, published the resume of a university graduate.

`Please remember the most prestigious universities, like Tsinghua University and Peking University, produce talented people whose mission is to improve or change the nation and benefit all its people.

However, another person said: `She’s not an ordinary nanny. Basically, she’s a homeschool teacher. Look at her salary, it’s as high as senior managers at businesses.`

According to her resume, the 29-year-old girl from Nanjing graduated from the prestigious Tsinghua University but it is unclear what major she studied.

A manager at Your Trust Home Service said this candidate was `booked` by a customer.

The manager of a high-end maid service company said that domestic maids with degrees from top universities are often hired as tutors to teach children.

The number of university graduates in China has increased every year over the past two decades.

However, the salary of graduates is not as high as many people expect.

In addition to working as home teachers, some graduates do other jobs that are considered `unsuitable for people with a university degree`.

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