Russia attacked fiercely, destroying `almost all` energy infrastructure in Kharkov
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Russia attacked fiercely, destroying `almost all` energy infrastructure in Kharkov

(Dan Tri) – Kharkov officials admitted that Russian attacks destroyed `almost all` energy infrastructure in Ukraine’s second largest city.

Firefighters extinguish a fire at an electrical facility in Kharkov after an raid in March (Photo: Reuters).

In an interview on April 1, Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov said Russian attacks had destroyed `almost all` energy infrastructure in this city.

Previously, Mr. Terekhov confirmed that Russian attacks destroyed a thermal power plant and all electrical transformer stations in Ukraine’s second largest city.

Kharkiv has faced Russian attacks since the conflict broke out in February 2022 and has recorded escalating attacks in recent weeks.

When asked about the reason Russia increased its attacks, the mayor of Kharkiv said he was unclear about Russia’s plans.

`Private energy infrastructure was also destroyed. Russia wants to threaten us, but this is impossible,` Mr. Terekhov said.

According to Mayor Terekhov, the current situation of the city’s energy industry is `very difficult`.

`We have been through more difficult times and we will survive these times too,` Mr. Terekhov declared.

On March 29, state energy company Centrenergo reported that the Russian military destroyed the Zmiiv thermal power plant in Kharkov in a large-scale attack.

In March, Russian attacks damaged or completely destroyed 80% of the capacity of Ukraine’s largest private energy company DTEK, company CEO Dmytro Sakharuk said on March 30.

Among Moscow’s targets in March were the Kaniv Hydropower Plant in Cherkasy Oblast, the Dnister Hydropower Plant in Chernivtsi Oblast and the Dnipro Hydropower Plant in Zaporizhzhia.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said on March 31 that the Russian air force conducted a large-scale attack against energy infrastructure and gas industry in Ukraine.

Russia claimed to use `high-precision long-range aerial weapons` and drones in the attacks.

`As a result of this attack, the activities of defense industry enterprises involved in the production and repair of weapons, equipment and ammunition were disrupted. All targets of the attack were

According to experts, Russia’s target is not only aimed at Ukraine’s energy system, but also a psychological blow to the people because electricity and heating systems are essential services.

In addition, Russia’s increased large-scale attacks also have the goal of exhausting Ukraine’s air defense system, in the context that Kiev is facing trickle aid packages from the West.

The city of Kharkiv, located in northeastern Ukraine, near the Russian border, has frequently faced missile and drone attacks throughout the war.

In 2022, Russia withdrew its troops from the Kharkiv region as Ukraine recaptured areas previously controlled by Russia.

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