Mr. Trump’s topless photo collage caused a stir
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Mr. Trump’s topless photo collage caused a stir

(Dan Tri) – US President Donald Trump caused a stir on Twitter when he posted a photo of his face superimposed on the bare-chested body and bulging muscles of boxer Rocky Balboa without any additional information.

Mr. Trump posted a photo without caption on Twitter (Photo: Twitter)

According to the Guardian, the US leader posted an edited photo in which his face was grafted onto the muscular, bare-chested body of the famous boxer character Rocky Balboa in the Rocky movie series.

The photo was posted while Mr. Trump was playing golf at one of his golf clubs in Florida, where the White House owner and his family were on Thanksgiving vacation.

Within just 2 hours after being posted, the photo received more than 260,000 likes, 79,000 reposts and about 69,000 comments.

Business Insider said that the photo that Mr. Trump used originated from a poster of actor Sylvester Stallone promoting the movie Rocky III in 1982. It is unclear who put Mr. Trump’s face on the photo, or why.

Mr. Trump's topless photo collage caused a stir

Original photo of actor Sylvester Stallone (Photo: MGM/UA Entertainment)

It is unclear what President Trump wants to convey from the photo above, because he left comments on the photo open.

Before that, Mr. Trump often reposted satirical and humorous images, often `created` by his supporters, including references to controversial political trends and platforms.

On social networks, people have heatedly debated the meaning of Mr. Trump’s composite photo.

Business Insider believes that Mr. Trump’s edited photo may have been in response to those who criticized him for his surprise two-hour visit to Walter Reed National Military Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland on November 16.

But some people still cannot stop speculating about the above hospital visit.

Some people have associated Mr. Trump’s photo with Russia.

“This photo is completely wrong,” comedian Nick Pappas wrote.

Some people spoke up to defend the President: `Our President has the best sense of humor.

Another wrote: `Mr. Trump is ready to fight for Thanksgiving like he fights for Christmas.`

Others have reposted topless photos of former President Barack Obama or Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but emphasized that their photos were not edited.



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