90 seconds before the tragedy of a freight train collapsing on a bridge in the US
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90 seconds before the tragedy of a freight train collapsing on a bridge in the US

(Dan Tri) – A dispatcher discovered and promptly stopped traffic on the Francis Scott Key Bridge before the ship collapsed part of the bridge, but not in time to evacuate the crew repairing the bridge.

Container ship crashed into Francis Scott Key Bridge (Photo: Reuters).

`I need one person at the south end of the bridge, one person at the north end, to request a stoppage of all traffic on the bridge,` informed a traffic coordinator on the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore City, Maryland, USA.

The dispatcher added: `A ship is moving towards the bridge and has lost control. Until the situation is under control, we must stop all traffic on the bridge.`

However, when traffic was definitely stopped, the dispatcher asked again: `Is there a group of workers working on the bridge?`

Just a few seconds after that question, another coordinator announced: `The bridge has collapsed.`

A large ship crashed into an American bridge, many people suspected they fell into the river

The conversation between the coordinators partly shows what happened about 1 and a half minutes before the Dali container ship lost control, collapsing part of a bridge considered an important infrastructure in the East-East traffic corridor.

The recording emphasized the helplessness of dispatchers and the danger to the bridge repair team overnight, even though the timely decision to shut down traffic on the bridge helped the United States avoid a larger tragedy.

Found 2 bodies in the river

Maryland police said on March 27 that divers found the bodies of two workers and a pickup truck in the Patapscot River.

Rescuers temporarily suspended the search operation due to increasingly dangerous conditions.

Images from search equipment showed several vehicles submerged in water and stuck in collapsed bridge structures.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge is the main highway crossing the Baltimore Harbor.

However, economists and experts say the incident is unlikely to cause a major crisis in the US supply chain or cause commodity prices to skyrocket due to abundant capacity at rival shipping hubs along the

US President Joe Biden announced that the federal government will pay the entire cost of rebuilding the Francis Scott Key Bridge

`It will take some time. However, the people of Baltimore can count on us, we will persevere in taking every step until the port is reopened and the bridge is rebuilt,` said the President.

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